Breast Cancer Risk May Drop by Eating more Fruits and Vegetables

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A recent study has now given women yet another reason to eat their veggies and fruit.

The study, published this week, shows that women who have high levels of carotenoids, nutrients found in vegetables and fruits, have a lower risk of breast cancer, especially the cancers that are the most difficult to treat and have poor prognoses.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School pooled the results of different studies that had measured carotenoid levels in the blood of women. They were able to determine that women with higher levels of the nutrients had less of a risk of developing cancer.

The micronutrients are found in vegetables and fruits and are what gives the food its vibrant red, yellow, and orange color.

Foods that have high levels of carotenoids include squash, kale, red peppers, spinach, carrots and sweet potato. High levels of the nutrient in the blood could protect against different forms of breast cancer, particularly the ones that do not require the existence of estrogen to flourish.

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The new study suggests a healthy diet that is based on plants may be a modifiable risk factor for poor prognoses and less common cancers. The study took data from eight individual studies that included 4,000 women who did not have cancer and 3,000 women who did have breast cancer. The results however, were not clear as to whether the carotenoids levels directly decreased cancer risk.

The study’s authors said that it was important to have a healthy diet not only to prevent breast cancer, but also to ward off other sicknesses.

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