Overweight Thai police at boot camp

boot camp

Efforts are under way to whip Thailand’s pot-bellied policemen into shape with the start of a 12-day boot camp, MSN News reports.

About 60 of the overweight officers from around the country are taking part in the dawn-to-dusk exercise and lecture programmes on living more healthily at a police training centre in a Bangkok suburb.

Wearing T-shirts with “Get rid of the belly” on them, they start their days with pre-dawn jogs followed by yoga, aerobic dance classes, tai chi to reduce stress and improve blood flow and lectures from nutritionists and trainers.

The biggest weight loser at the end of the programme wins 5,000 baht, a bonus for underpaid police officers though many say their real motivation is the chance to improve their health.

“The school children call me ‘Uncle Fat’ all the time, but I don’t mind. I’m more concerned about my health, because I have diabetes,” said sergeant major Wanchat Phonorthong, a 49-year-old traffic officer who weighs 133 kilograms and is 6ft.

“I’m going to lose some of my belly because they have me work out every day and they only give me half the food I usually eat. It’s torture but I have to do it for myself,” he said.

Annual check-ups last year for Thailand’s 200,000 police officers showed that the five most common concerns were obesity, high cholesterol, liver problems, high blood pressure and diabetes.

“Police officers tend to have higher health risks than some other professions because they don’t eat and sleep on a normal schedule. Eating at the end of late-night shifts, drinking and smoking all contribute to their obesity,” said colonel Pornpen Bunnag, who designed the course and heads the family medicine department at Bangkok’s Police General Hospital.

“Not only that, their pot-bellies affect their personalities and make them look less smart in their uniforms,” she said. daily times monitor

(Extracted from Daily Times)


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boot camp