Weight Loss With Non-Diet Solution

weight loss with non-diet solution

Is Eating Less The Key to Losing Weight? Can we really achieve weight lose with non-diet solution?

Here I go again, forever trying to find answers to my life mysteries. It is just that I am very consistently perplexed by my weight-loss issue.

I know I have a weight problem. I know that I got to lose weight AND I am determined to lose it. Yet, I always, inadvertently failed. Then I will end up feeling frustrated and dismayed.

Will I be able to lose weight?

The concept of weight loss should be easy…I mean, I know that eating more makes me gain weight. So if I were to eat less, then obviously I will not gain that weight. And since I did not gain any extra weight, then I am not fat. Does this not make any sense?

But the question is; can I really eat less than I am used to? Probably yes but I know it is not going to be easy.

How to eat less when businesses are making it easier to get food these days.

At every level, I am constantly reminded about food, whether through the form of all night supermarkets, convenience stores or food advertising. It is so easy to get food that is already prepared and can be consumed on the go.

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Another thing that makes it not so easy to eat less is that eating is an innate biological urge. Whether I eat to live or live to eat, which is usually the case, I find complete satisfaction in eating what I want to eat and how much. Even if I were to consciously want to eat less, my body may not want to cut back.

It is not easy to eat less. Take it from my own experience, I have been through hell and back, repeatedly!

It is something that is beyond my mortal control. I need divine intervention!

I mean, I can normally control almost anything life throw at me or at least manage it to the best of my abilities. I am very sure I am among the most determined and motivated person. When given multiple challenges, most of the time I am able to get a handle on things and be on my way to solving almost any problem in my work or family life.

However, it seems that I cannot work out what to do or to get control of it when it is about my weight issues. Yet, ironically, what gets into my mouth is probably one of the few things that I should have absolute control over. This is another fact of life that I can do better without.

weight loss with non-diet solution
So, losing weight is just not about eating less. It is more to it than that. Recently, I’ve heard about The Gabriel Method of losing weight without dieting. Sounds good. Many customers have provided testimonies of the method’s effectiveness. 

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